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Lake Willoughby

Robert Frost mentioned Willoughby Lake in a poem, "A Servant to Servants,  "I see it's a fair, pretty sheet of water,  Our Willoughby! How did you hear of it?  I expect, though, everyone's heard of it.  In a book about ferns? Listen to that!"

Lake Willoughby is a lake in the town of Westmore in Orleans County in the northeast section of Vermont, United States.  The lake's southern end is surrounded by the Willoughby State Forest. This state forest includes Mount Pisgah, Mount Hor, and Bartlett Mountain (Vermont).        The lake is about 7 miles long.  In 2010, Yankee Magazine named Willoughby as the third best lake in New England. Lake Willoughby is a glacial lake over 320 feet deep in places, the deepest lake entirely contained in the state and second to only Lake Champlain whose deepest point reaches 400 feet. Lake Willoughby resembles a Norwegian fjord.  The rock between Mount Pisgah on the east and Mount Hor on the west was eroded by a valley ice lobe. Other mountains in territory of Westmore, Vermont are Mount Hedgehog, Mount Goodwin, Mount Bald, Mount Heystack, Mount McSherry and Mount Wheeler.  Willoughby is listed as a National Natural Landmark. Willoughby contains Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout, landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow smelt, burbot, yellow perch, long nose sucker, white sucker, lake chub, common shiner, and round whitefish which is a native species of extremely limited distribution in Vermont. Steelhead trout are not native to the region, but were imported to Lake Memphremagog from the Pacific Northwest. They migrate up the Barton River and Willoughby River to the lake to spawn. The sheer cliffs of Mount Pisgah and Mount Hor provide an environment conducive for arctic and cliff-alpine plants, as well as ideal nesting areas for the rare Peregrine Falcon.More than 100 bird species have been recorded around the lake.  


Westmore is a quaint little town in Orleans County, Vermont, United States. 

The town contains one unincorporated village clustered around Lake Willoughby. 

Vermont Chartered:  August 17, 1781.  

Area: 24,048 Acres = 37.58 Square Miles. 

Coordinates (Geographic Center): N 44° 46' W 72°03'  

Altitude: 1,170 feet ASL  Population  (US Census, 2010): 350 ]

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